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What's the Good of Being Good? (2017)


What's the Good of Being Good? is an American short action-comedy film written & directed by Linh Nga, produced by 9669 Films, LLC in 2017.



What's the Good of Being Good? is an action-comedy short film about Atrocious Tran, a man who is devoted to doing good things for other people. When he is presented with the opportunity to save a beautiful woman, he drops everything to do so. In the process, Tran is chased by a tyrannical dwarf and his deputies. To defend himself, he is forced to use his combat skills for survival.

The film was shot in North Hollywood, America. Filming ended in 2016 and officially released in United States on November 2, 2017.


The director of "What's the Good of Being Good?" , also the C.E.O and Founder of 9669Films, LLC, Linh Nga, is a  well-rounded artist. Linh is having done writing and directing as well as acting and modeling since 1995. In 2003, she won the award for TV Best Series for "Xuoi Nguoc Duong Tran" at the Vietnamese International Film Festival.  Linh's 2019 Documentary "Inside This Peace" won Best Feature Documentary from California

​Women's Film Festival and earned the Award Of Merit from Impact DOCS Awards.

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