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Directed by

Linh Nga


Produced by

Linh Nga

Adam Phuong Pham

Mady Muy

Linh Duy Nguyen


Written by

Linh Nga



Duc Tien Hoang

Vivian Thuy Nguyen

Teresa Mai

Lapson Be Ti

Davis Noir

Gabriel Kimson

Tatiana Kuilianof


Narrated by

Davis Noir

Music by

Universal Music Group


Stephen J Root

Edited by

Sean Adams


Production companies

9669Films, LLC

Distributed by 9669Films (USA)

Ritz Entertainment (USA)

Grindstone Entertainment Group (USA)


Release date

November 2, 2017

Running time  30 minutes

Country United States

Language English



    Vivian Thuy Nguyen    ...    Boss Girl

    Duc Tien Hoang     ...      Xa

    Teresa  Mai      ...    The
    Davis Noir    ...    V.O

    Lapson Be Ti    ...     Thuc

    Tatiana Kuilanoff   ...  Hot Girl

    Gabriel Kimson     ...    Tall Guy With Hat
    Brian Tran Pham    ...    Girly Guy
    Hoang Tran    ...    Monkey Form
    David Pham    ...    Skinny Guy
    Richard Pham    ...    Snake Form
    Kevin Pham    ...    Crane Form
    Alan Vu Nguyen    ...    Puma Form
    Jenny Phuong Tran    ...    Mad Girl
    Albert Vu Nguyen    ...    Tiger Form
    Richard Long Pham    ...    Small Guy


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